The Editor

From childhood, I have been a lover of words. Whether it is reading or writing, I have been gifted with a passion for the power of the written (or, typed) word, and this business seeks to share my skill and gift with others.

If you’re visiting this website, you probably already have an idea of the importance of editing. Effective writing, no matter the goal, is not just about putting words together in a sensible way. The words, context, form, grammar, style, order, audience, and many other factors play significant enough parts in the process that they can’t be ignored.

All too often, an otherwise excellent piece of writing is immediately discredited for one typo or grammatical error (spellcheck DOES NOT catch everything!). I have been on both sides and truly believe in the impact sloppy editing has on readers.

Through Pauline Editing, I am proudly and with the utmost satisfaction helping people avoid the cost of poorly edited writing. Whether it’s catching that one typo, or suggesting a rework of an entire section, I find joy in correcting and guiding your words to greatness.

In other words, let me be the neurotic, picky editor…you just write!


  • Bachelor of Arts in English, with Greek and Journalism minors — Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA
  • Master of Library and Information Science, with Academic Librarianship study emphasis — North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC
  • Experience: non-fiction book, fiction book, nonprofit website, business website, style guides, business marketing material, magazine articles, copy editor at college newspaper, resumes, etc.
  • Years of doing this for free for my very pleased friends and family!