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Hearing Crickets: An Unlikely Reminder

Ever notice how a cricket by itself is much more annoying than hundreds¬†of crickets making noise together? My husband’s worst nightmare is a lone cricket hiding somewhere in the house driving us crazy with its incessant…chirping? What do they do? But anyway, far less often, people have the urge to run in their backyards and […]

Sunday nights are gonna be different…

On Monday, I will not be corralling kids, dropping them off at two daycares, then sitting my behind in an office chair for 8 hours. After much prayer and thought, we decided I would leave the workforce and stay at home full time. Our family will no longer feel the Sunday evening rush to prep […]

Three buzzwords that can buzz off.

I’m #literally #blessed to be so #busy. For a while now, I’ve refused to use these three words and hashtags. Because I’m just plain tired of hearing them, and I’m tired of them being misused. #blessed You may have heard of or read the blog that went viral some months ago about the trend in […]

Happy Birthday, Keegan!

My inaugural blog post is going to be about my son’s first birthday – weird, right? Well, here’s how I see it. It’s often said that God is the author of all. I think He is the ultimate editor, too. The best author and editor combo to ever “right the writing,” to shamelessly use Pauline […]