How your writing is righted…

Contact and Request

Contact me with your editing request, including pertinent details about your project and what you want to achieve with my help.

Quote and Submission

I respond quickly with a quote for cost and timely project completion, as well as instructions for submitting your document(s) for editing.

Editing Begins

Upon approval of the project quote and once I receive the document(s), an invoice will be sent to you. Editing begins as soon as payment is received.

Return of Project

By the quoted deadline, you will receive two versions of your document(s) back — one with edits and suggestions clearly marked for your acceptance or denial, and a second clean version with all editorial changes applied. A summary page of editing notes and suggestions is included, as well.

That’s it! You can rest assured your writing is right…for you, your audience, customer, friends, family, whomever will be interacting with your writing.