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Grammar Master (Almost)

According to one of those viral quizzes everyone takes on Facebook, I am a Grammar Master. I’m debating whether I should add that to my credentials page on my website…ha. While still deciding, I thought I would list the many ways I fall short of the level of mastery with which social media has labeled […]

Three buzzwords that can buzz off.

I’m #literally #blessed to be so #busy. For a while now, I’ve refused to use these three words and hashtags. Because I’m just plain tired of hearing them, and I’m tired of them being misused. #blessed You may have heard of or read the blog that went viral some months ago about the trend in […]

Fergie and Hummus

So, the other day at work I was copy editing and came across the food item “black eye pea hummus.” Ooooh, sounds yummy (to me, at least). But I was pretty sure that the “pea” part of the name wasn’t spelled as it should be. How else could it be written, you ask? Well… blackeye […]