They Testify

Pauline Editing is second to none!  I have heard many times that editors don’t understand the point the writer is getting across, but Stephanie manages to make all of my work shine without losing any of my perspective. She is honest enough to let you know if something doesn’t jive, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask questions to make sure she understands your intentions. She takes the time to get to know you, so when she edits your work, she doesn’t lose your voice. She is a word snob and grammar geek–just the person you want working on your next project!

Melissa Duchess — Creator of the My Life. Altered community

Out of all her family and friends she’s helped, I’m probably the one person Stephanie has helped with editing the most. I love being able to go to her anytime with what I’ve written and feel so confident in her work. It’s amazing to me how well (and easily, it seems) she can fix and shape my writing. It always fits the purpose and intent, and she still manages to have it sound like me!

Elizabeth Brown — Administrative Director, Bookkeeper, Wife, Mommy…

I had the opportunity to have Stephanie edit my novel “Rapture’s Rain” for technical corrections, as well as storyline adjustments. Every aspect of the  process was of the highest caliber. Technically, she is quite simply flawless. I tend to move my drafts along rather quickly, so there were quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors. I’ve had more than twenty beta readers read my book, and so far, no one has found a mistake.

But what I really  enjoyed most about working with Stephanie is her ability to spot plot gaps and make storyline suggestions. She has an uncanny ability to find the missing elements that turn the ordinary into the exceptional.

Finally, the rate at which she performs her work is impressive. She provided me with fairly aggressive deadlines and met them all. On a 1 to 10 rating scale, I am pleased to give this talented lady a perfect 10 on every aspect of the editorial process. I look forward to having her work on my next novel and would easily recommend her to anyone looking to have their work edited.

Chris Pennington — Author, Founder of Code of Kindness —