When Mommy comes home…

I was fine all morning and the whole time at the school. I thought it would be all good…that I had successfully gone through everything without any tears.

first day

Then I came home.

No one told me the toughest part could very well be not when you drop them off at school, but when you walk through the door back home without them. When you see the small areas of disarray left from the rush and excitement of getting ready. When you see her two small blankets left on the couch, and you put them on her made bed, knowing that none of it will be touched all day. The blankets will stay there, and the bed will still be made at the end of the day.


I know there will be many more blanket moments throughout the next couple weeks. At least, now I can be prepared and expect them.

I wonder if she has had any of those moments yet? I’m sure she will. Strangely, it comforts me knowing we are experiencing similar things, just from different perspectives. Even though we are physically apart, we can still navigate this sea change together.


I’m sad, but happy. And still very grateful for all we have and all the opportunities she has to experience and do things.

Buuuuuuuut, 3:30 couldn’t come quickly enough today.

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