Love the words.

Right the writing.

See how.

i love my words, too.

  • The year of the BHAP: What happens when you pray in a big, hairy, audacious way.

    Dedicated to two of the leading ladies in my life. : ) Early in 2015, the three of us in our small group were individually at a crossroads in our lives. Something…or someone…was astir, and we could feel it. In one of our weekly meetings, we found ourselves rehashing the things we’ve learned over the […]

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  • Four lunch boxes in the fridge.

    Here I am again. Another huge change. A drastic turn in our routine. I’ve said it before—that change is hard  for me—but really, it’s the adjustment period. And of course that’s because it’s when I have the least control. Unfamiliarity breeds insecurity for me. But the saving grace is that every step that brought me to […]

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  • When Immutability Changes You

    I’m going back on the job market. If you’re not familiar with my story, then read my post from last year to find out why this is a little surprising. This whole year, I have been praying a BHAP (Big Hairy Audacious Prayer) for hubby and I to be debt free and live a debt-free lifestyle. […]

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